Friday, 21 January 2022

Don’t Mess with the Dummies

Sunday, 24 April 2022.

There’s a rumble in the jungle as the Dummies head off on an intrepid overland adventure. They’ve packed their bags (sort of), they’ve got supplies (only forgot a few things) and they know exactly where they’re going! (Definitely not!)

First up, they need a map, but it’s going to take teamwork, acrobatics and a whole lot of slapstick to get it unfolded. Fun and games ensue as they read, re-read and double check the map and hey, they’re still walking the wrong way.

Time to make camp for the night. One clever cookie has brought a beautiful tent, the others? Not so much. But setting up camp makes for a hula-hooping good time and everyone is in fine spirits.

Is that a lion roaring?! Oh wait, no, just a very loud rumbly tummy! Adventuring takes lots of energy and these explorers have packed snacks. The best snack? Obviously bananas! In fact some of them love bananas so much, they’re willing to climb the tallest tree and swing from branches to get more.

What a wild time! Nothing could possibly spoil this adventure except – a pesky FLY! Which just won’t leave the Dummies alone. They’ve grabbed vines to give it the swat (and some great skipping moves to boot!). After some fun and games, they build a campfire and cook the most popping popcorn that’s ever been seen.

With camp set up and full tummies the Dummies prepare to get some sleep, but a whole lot of sleeping bag antics keep the party in full swing for just a bit longer. And finally, when they do start to nod off they are rudely awoken by that pesky FLY! No worries, though, this time, the Dummies have a foolproof plan. They take down the fly, then turn up the fun with a high-energy, jaw-dropping last acrobatic hurrah that brings this wild ride roaring home.

When: Sunday, 24 April 2022 at 2.00pm
Where: Swan Hill Town Hall PACC
Who Recommended for families with children aged 5-12 years.
Cost: Adult $25.00
Concession $22 Senior / Pensioner / Healthcare /student
Child 13 years and under $18.00
Families – 4 tickets – $58.00

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Due to current state government restrictions, this performance will require all patrons over 12 years and 2 months to be double vaccinated. Proof of vaccine certificates will be required upon QR sign in entry or a valid Medical exemption with ID.
This post has been syndicated from the Swan Hill Rural City Council website and was correct at the time of posting.

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