Children are Stinky!

Sunday, 7 April @ 10:30 am

Swan Hill Town Hall

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Part of the Kids Day out Weekend!

Circus Trick Tease & Swan Hill Town Hall present ‘Children are Stinky’ (High Brow Toilet Humour For Kids)

Children are Stinky is an exciting award-winning children’s comedy by Circus Trick Tease.

High calibre circus, a rocking soundtrack, and genuine belly laughs propelled the Australian debut of Children are Stinky to Sell-Out seasons across the world.

This is a show to be seen. Suitable for ages 3-12. Innovative stagecraft combined with mischievous fun have wowed reviewers and audiences alike with their focus on high skilled acrobatics and entertaining circus mix with a fun accessible narrative.

Children are Stinky challenges children to step on stage and prove themselves worthy, smart, coordinated, and imaginative against these ridiculous circus
performers resulting in wonderful interaction and an audience of proud kids and parents.

Set in the 1990s, plenty of in-jokes and a cleverly choreographed nostalgic mash-up hooks parents in for a rollicking trip down memory lane.
This is an enjoyable show for all ages that encourages the slight of years to be proud of themselves.

Suitable for ages 3-12, this “S-Club 7 Dialled up to eleven buffoonery ” (★★★★★ The HOOK – NZ ) will delight adults and children alike.

‘Children are Stinky’ is hands down the most spectacular reverse psychology experiment you have ever seen.
The duo’s attempts to prove that kids are stinky are met with messy, ridiculous, hysterical twists. They only succeed in proving that children are awesome…and they know it

“Exceedingly funny” ★★★★★ PLANET ARTS
“Gobsmacked” ★★★★ ADL ADVERTISER
“10 out of 5 stars” ★★★★ MINI REVIEW
“Children are Stinky showed my 3 year old that farts can be funny and for that I will be eternally grateful.” TOM BINNS

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